An Episode for Elizabeth

Dear Listener,

We’re bummed that Jon’s sister Liz is no longer a regular listener. We’re not sure when exactly she stopped listening. So this week no Star Wars, Marvel or Salesforce talk. We even talk about a topic specifically requested by Liz.

Most of Jon’s family came to visit for Labor Day weekend. You’ll get a brief update on that weekend and how Jon handles people as an introvert.

We discuss why Stan gave Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism only 2 stars (not the 5 that you should give us on iTunes.) Listen in to why Stan went with that review.

We talk about Stan’s computer woes – specifically around Catalina. Stan is back up and running. Things might even be backed up by now.

Finally we clear the topic backlog by talking about our work station. Listen in to how Stan and Jon keep up their desks organized and what are regularly on it.

Thanks for Listening!

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier

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