Back from Vacation and Talking Tech

Dear Listener,

This week we talk about Stan’s Vacation to Traverse City. He seems to have a restful time and even has a review of a milkshake IPA. We’re wondering if Deaconess Longmire listens to the podcast.

Stan must have been relaxed because he did some coding for fun!

Jon’s life is full once again! He has an Task management app back on his laptop! Microsoft To-Do Released their Mac app this week. And it’s really solid.

Amazon pushed marketing for the Kid specific Echo for things like reading stories and asking questions. Jon’s curious and asks Stan what his thoughts are on devices like this and kids and devices in general.

Stan suggests Jack Ryan as a show to watch. We still aren’t sure where he finds time to watch all this stuff.

We talk about our Libra – the cryptocurrency that Facebook is now involved in.

Finally, We talk about Stan’s new network equipment the NetGear Orbi. He’s also starting to consider new headphones.