Bad Reddit Intel From Patrick

Dear Listener,

Moving on – Stan’s wifi woes are over thanks to plugin in his own router (rather than the ISPs).

We kick this week’s episode off with a retraction of stupid things Stan said. We’re pretty unplugged, not a lot of practice, not a lot of editing. So Stan issues an apology for some of the things he said last week.

We got some bad intel from our good friend Patrick Sturdivant on when Avengers: Endgame tickets would be available. Turns out the bad intel came from Reddit. All the more reason that any less-than-five stars reviews are perfectly at home on Reddit.

Stay tuned for more info leading up to Endgame and whether or not Pr. Borghardt decides to come.

Apple released a bunch of stuff via Press Release, when the live event was scheduled for the following week. We talk through the new hardware and will follow up on the Event next week.

Finally we leave you with a PSA to make sure that your data is backed up.

Thanks for listening and leaving reviews!

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier