• Grab Some Fun Dip and Listen In

    Dear Listener, We kick off the episode talking about Fun Dip and flashing back to Valentine’s Day (perks of being the spouse of an elementary school teacher). Jon gives his […]

  • The Inklings of Stan and Jon

    Dear Listener, We lost the first thirteen minutes of this week’s episode due to Jon’s internet going down, so we had to do a take two. This led into a […]

  • On a Very Special Episode

    Dear Listener, We kick off the episode touching base on life and video games. Then we Review WandaVision Episode 5 in light of Stan going back and watching them all […]

  • On The Interruption of WandaVision

    Dear Listener, We kick off the episode talking about WandaVision episode 4 “We Interrupt this Program.” We speculate on everything that is going on and welcome back some MCU Alumni. […]

  • The World Didn’t End

    Dear Listener, The world didn’t end as we speculated it might while recording last week. We touch on the inauguration before jumping into WandaVision Episode 3. There were some big […]

  • WandaVision – Initial Reactions

    Dear Listener, This we we discussed the new Disney+ MCU series WandaVision. They released the first two episodes last Friday and we provide our initial reactions.  For the nerd who […]

  • Pixar Movies Ranked

    Dear Listener, This week we’re getting back to normal by talking about pretty much whatever comes to our minds. We reflect on the events of last week, both on the […]

  • Fitness+ with Mark Buetow

    Dear Listener, Today we are joined by Jon’s father in law, because Jon didn’t do enough research to talk about Fitness+ enough for Stan’s liking. Rev. Mark Buetow is a […]

  • Headed into a New Year

    Dear Listener, This week we take a look back at 2020 and take a look at 2021 by setting goals for ourselves and for the podcast. Listen in and let […]

  • Roof Update and Christmas Plans

    Dear Listener, Merry Christmas! This week we reflect on a 2 hour episode. And get an update on Stan’s Steelers. Apparently people ask Stan about how Jon’s roof is doing. […]