• Checking in on 2021 Goals

    Dear Listener, Today we do a mid-year-ish check in on our goals for 2021 that we set back in Episode 115: Headed into a New Year. Overall we’re doing okay […]

  • Ted Lasso, Milkshakes, and Irrigation Systems

    Dear Listener, Taliesin went in for his big surgery, so we talk about his cone of shame and that experience as a dog owner. Jon finally started watching Ted Lasso, […]

  • Black Widow Review with Patrick

    Dear Listener, This week we are joined by resident Marvel expert Patrick Sturdivant to review the Black Widow movie (that we finally got to see!) Listen in to hear about […]

  • Reunited

    Dear Listener, In this episode we review Jon’s visit to Stan in Indianapolis. All core tenants of the podcast were observed: Meat, Milkshakes, Macs, and Mixology (And Marvel but we […]

  • Stay Hidrated

    Dear Listener, Jon is recording from Louisville and will be visiting Stan on the way back. We do some research into what constitutes “Kentucky food” and settle on bourbon. Stan […]

  • Listeners Speak Out: Fast Food Edition

    Dear Listener, Jon and Mrs. Kohlmeier are headed to visit LemonLand this week, tune in for more on those adventures. Most of this episode is spent sharing our listeners ranking […]

  • Fast Food Ranked

    Dear Listener, We check in on how Stan’s RV trip went as his first post-pandemic vacation. Sounds like it went well for the most part. Finally we kick off the […]

  • Burdened with Glorious Podcast

    Dear Listener, We’re not sure if we’ll keep posting on Tuesdays, but I guess we’ll see. This week we’re realizing on Tuesday again so you can hear our first reactions […]

  • Amazon Sidewalk Vs. Apple WWDC Focus on Privacy

    Dear Listener, On Monday Apple kicked off it’s WWDC event with the opening keynote and State of the Union address. This was full of announcements on new technologies being brought […]

  • Cargo Shorts, Coozies, and Other Life Hacks

    Dear Listener, This week, we talk life hacks and pets stories. The episode kicks off with a life hack from a regular listener, keeping a Coozie inside a cargo short […]