• Thanksgiving, Epcot, and How we Podcast

    Dear Listener, Happy Thanksgiving! On this episode we discuss our favorite Thanksgiving menu items and plans for this year. Stan tries to convince Jon that it’s a good idea to […]

  • Jon’s iPhone 13 and Shang-Chi

    Dear Listener, Stan kicks off this episode asking for an update on the iPhone after having it for 1 week. Then we jump into discussing Shang-Chi (Now that it hit […]

  • Worst Tech Ever Owned

    Dear Listener, This week we cover a listener requested topic and muse on the worst technology that we’ve ever owned. This ranges from mobile devices, to operating systems and other […]

  • Our Top Halloween Candy

    Dear Listener This week we talk about Jon’s life back in an office before jumping into our top halloween candy complete with a live taste test with a surprise guest! […]

  • Core Values

    Dear Listener, We tackle some things that have been on our minds (and on the list) a lot recently. We talk about the how and the why our discovery and […]

  • M1 Pro MacBook Pros

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about our tasting of the Culvers Curderburger. (I think we both were rather unimpressed). Then we jump into discussing this week’s apple event. We […]

  • How Do You Eat a Taco?

    Dear Listener, In this episode, we talk about a bunch of stuff we didn’t have on the list of things to talk about. To kick it off, Stan wants to […]

  • Internet Interruptions

    Dear Listener, Are we getting closer to the fall of Facebook? Facebook was down for hours this week and they’ve been getting some really bad press recently. This leads us […]

  • Wifi Woes and the iPhone 13 Pro Max

    Dear Listener, Stan has had another round of Wifi woes and continues to avoid moving to a mesh network. We talk about the iPhone 13 Pro Max and learn a […]

  • Did we order new devices?

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about our decision making process and if we ordered any new Apple devices after last week’s Apple event. Listen in to here if and […]