• Episode 14 – Milkshakes power our productivity

    Productivity powered by Milkshakes. Tune in to hear special guest, Lucy Lemon, kick off our Milkshake reviews which then leads us into a listener-requested conversation on productivity.

  • Episode 13 – Apple Money Grab… or security concerns?

    Today we kick off the episode arguing semantics. Stan has yet another milkshake story. He attends a place with "Shake" in the name and is underwhelmed. Regular listener Tom, sent us an article via twitter for our (read: Stan's) opinion. Hear us opine on the lockdown of Apple repairs.

  • Episode 12 – Where you’re sure to find something that interests you

    I'm not even really sure where to start for this episode. We cover a plethora of topics from tech to food, to reading non-fiction. You're sure to find something that interests you in this episode (even if it only is the soothing sound of The Lemon's voice) Maybe it will be easier if I just list some of the topics out.

  • Episode 11 – Meat Rubs, New Apple Toys, Investing 101

    In this episode, Stan Lemon reviews Meat Rubs by Fenker (or.. Meat, Rubbed, and Salutary - branding pending.) Stan gives a good review but the only way to get them are to be friends with Rev. Aaron Fenker. Stan got new Apple Gear, much of the world got new apple software, listen in for our discussion on that.

  • Episode 10 – What to look for when looking at Houses (Top 10!)

    The story of this week's episode is that Jon had a simple question for Stan that he texted on a Sunday evening after a google search failed him. The question went something like this: "Top ten things to look at when your Realtor shows you houses.... go!" I (Jon) expected a list! 10 Things! But there's no such thing as a simple question when it comes to Stan. He convinces me to dig up the secondary microphone in the home office and record after 8pm on a Sunday night.

  • BONUS ROUND – Stan needs a CSS Refresher

    Bonus Round - We forgot to talk about this in Episode 9. Jon gives Stan a hard time for his blog post image not being mobile friendly and helps him to correct his CSS.

  • Episode 9 – Stan’s Portillo’s Experience

    This week we talk about Milkshakes! Stan's Portillo's milkshake to be exact. He had an interesting experience. He tells it better than I do.

  • Episode 8 – If you don’t buy milkshakes with your money, save for a house!

    This week Jon met his mortgage savings goal so he seeks advice from the most experienced guy he knows - Stan Lemon (who has gone through the process 6 times.) Stan drops some knowledge and points out some mistakes he's made in the past. Listen in and you just might learn something!

  • Episode 7 – Fort Wayne, Milkshakes, and The Death of Twitter

    If you want to hear us talk about milkshakes for an abnormal amount of time, you won't want to miss this episode! Stan kicks off the episode talking about his day trip to Fort Wayne and how there are now places to eat. We follow up on our milkshake discussion with some milkshake recommendations and milkshakes to avoid. Finally the Lemon turns sour and lets out his anger against Twitter and their killing of his favorite Twitter apps.

  • Episode 6 – Atlanta and Alexa

    In Episode 6 of Life with a Twist of Lemon, Stan tells us about his trip to Atlanta for work. He has Jon salivating over some of the food he found and looking up plane tickets to head to Atlanta. All of that somehow leads into Jon's new Amazon Echo, the greatest trivia device ever... but at what cost?