• It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Spring

    Dear Listener, Good news! Stan isn’t as worried about going to jain for tax fraud anymore. Stan gives an update on the M1 MacBook Air. The snow is gone in […]

  • Grab Some Fun Dip and Listen In

    Dear Listener, We kick off the episode talking about Fun Dip and flashing back to Valentine’s Day (perks of being the spouse of an elementary school teacher). Jon gives his […]

  • The Inklings of Stan and Jon

    Dear Listener, We lost the first thirteen minutes of this week’s episode due to Jon’s internet going down, so we had to do a take two. This led into a […]

  • On a Very Special Episode

    Dear Listener, We kick off the episode touching base on life and video games. Then we Review WandaVision Episode 5 in light of Stan going back and watching them all […]

  • On The Interruption of WandaVision

    Dear Listener, We kick off the episode talking about WandaVision episode 4 “We Interrupt this Program.” We speculate on everything that is going on and welcome back some MCU Alumni. […]

  • The World Didn’t End

    Dear Listener, The world didn’t end as we speculated it might while recording last week. We touch on the inauguration before jumping into WandaVision Episode 3. There were some big […]

  • WandaVision – Initial Reactions

    Dear Listener, This we we discussed the new Disney+ MCU series WandaVision. They released the first two episodes last Friday and we provide our initial reactions.  For the nerd who […]

  • Marvel-ing at Disney Announcements

    Dear Listener, This week we have a first in the history of the podcast. Three people recording from three different states. Last week’s Disney announcements at their virtual Investor Day […]

  • Thanksgiving 2019

    Dear Listener, Stan’s kids have been introduced to Boy Meets World. We have a practical life tip for everyone living in cooler climates. We spend the majority of this episode […]

  • Nashville and Disney+

    Dear Listener, Jon is back from Nashville, which prompted some follow up on roundabouts. Turns out they have a great patent idea too. Jon also talks about the food he […]