Celebrating Jon’s Birthday All Month

Dear Listener,

Stan was late to recording for the first time ever. Turns out he was installing a Ring doorbell. He has some other home improvement projects in store for this week.

We talked about Jon’s 30th birthday last week but it turns out the festivities weren’t over yet. Jon’s wife Anna was sneaky and pulled off yet another surprise party for which Stan made it back to Iowa. Stan said that the whole thing confirmed what he already knew – that I have really good taste in friends.

Jon’s good friend Andrew flew all the way in from Irvine, CA. But more importantly – he changed Stan’s life by introducing him to the best way to make bacon – the Makin’ Bacon Microwave Bacon Rack. Needless to say, Stan is pretty excited about this thing.

This leads into Jon admitting that he’s anti-microwave.

From there they move on to the things Jon planned to talk about including following up on the email newsletter discussion last week.

The White House has a new tool for reporting bias in social media posts. Turns out this “tool” is a Typeform. Jon thinks that it’s more of a marketing play.

Turns out that Apple announced new MacBook Pros. Stan talks through the specs on the new machines.

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Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier

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