Episode 10 – What to look for when looking at Houses (Top 10!)

Dear Listener,

The story of this week’s episode is that Jon had a simple question for Stan that he texted on a Sunday evening after a google search failed him. The question went something like this: “Top ten things to look at when your Realtor shows you houses…. go!” I (Jon) expected a list! 10 Things! But there’s no such thing as a simple question when it comes to Stan. He convinces me to dig up the secondary microphone in the home office and record after 8pm on a Sunday night.

I think we hit 10 things. I guess that I’ll go back and listen again and see if I can’t turn it into a text list. If you get to it before me feel free to send them via message on our Facebook Page.

We do review milkshakes from Arby’s and Five Guys. Stan also attempted A & W. So stick around for you weekly milkshake update.


Jon “in-search-of-a-house” Kohlmeier