Episode 17 – Reformation, Voting, and Kanban Moving Boards

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Following up on last episode’s discussion, Stan tells us about his Reformation service experience. Jesus Christ is the light of the World and Stan’s church made it through 1/3 of the service with only candlelight and a cappella singing.

Due to busy schedules, we recorded earlier than expected so no real time election followup. We’re all ready for the advertisements and the discussions to end. Stan tells me why voting is a civic duty and makes a good case for me to go and vote.

Now that everyone is depressed by political discussions, we can go back to Marvel, milkshakes, and my home buying process. Stan call me out on creating a Kanban board to manage the packing and moving process (See Facebook for a picture). Check in to see how Anna is dealing with this all. You may see a blog post on this when I have time to sit down and write one.

Stan also bought some Crypto this week.. we’ll see how that goes.

Thanks for tuning in, thanks for those of you who have written reviews on iTunes! We have some exciting stuff coming soon.


Jon Kohlmeier


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