Episode 20 – Support Pastor Fritsche, get a Sticker.

Dear Listener,

We have an exciting campaign going on during the month of December. We’re looking to support Pastor Joel Fritsche and his work in the Dominican Republic. Here’s the deal, you donate – send us proof of donating $50 or more and we’ll send you a limited edition Life with a Twist of Lemon sticker (3″ x 3″).

Even better is Stan will be matching the first $1000 raised.

Listen in to hear about the work of Pastor Fritsche with the seminary in the Dominican Republic.

From there Stan has *another* beef with CPH study notes. He rants a little bit. I apologize to our non-LCMS listeners for the inside baseball. Jon calls people out by name… overall it’s a bitter segment. You can skip it if you’d like. (Props to CPH for no more red algae).

Finally we switch gears to Tech. Stan quit Gmail this week. We talk about Google, security and the evolution of correspondence and email.

Thanks for tuning in and we hope to be sending you a sticker soon!

– Jon Kohlmeier

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