Episode 21 – Homeownership Woes, Milkshakes and Meatloaf (The food, not the hiphop artist)

Dear Faithful Listener,

Today Jon’s audio quality is a little deteriorated due to recording at home. Why is he at home and not in Studio? The joys of home ownership. Listen in to hear Jon’s first fix as a homeowner.

Next up, Stan has 2 reviews on milkshakes. First a milkshake from the Atlanta airport based on a recommendation. He doesn’t have a great review of it.

Next he returned to the scene of the original good Five Guys milkshake. This visit isn’t up to par.

Milkshake quality depends on craftsmanship and employees taking pride in their work.

We got a couple more iTunes reviews that we want to shout out to. Thanks for listening and taking time to leave feedback. We really appreciate it!

After a quick update on the donate to Pastor Fritsche campaign, Stan and Jon talk meatloaf.

They even decide what they’ll talk about next week while on air.

Donate to Fritsche, let us know. You’ll want to read the letter that comes with the sticker.

Talk next week,

-Jon Kohlmeier & Stan Lemon

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