Episode 23 – Our First Pre-Christmas Episode

Dear Listener,

We are just days away from Christmas, Stan and Jon kick off the episode talking about Christmas leading into a special Christmas themed milkshake segment – “Egg nog – milkshake? Distant cousin of the milkshake?”

That leads into a real milkshake segment! Both Stan and Jon returned to their places featuring the Chocolate Shoppe Ice cream. Jon’s ice cream choice was much better at Almost Famous Popcorn. Stan also revisited Wylipalooza.

Finally, Stan and Jon discuss the Avengers: Endgame trailer, focusing a lot on the character development of Tony Stark throughout the franchise.

We are only $150 away from reaching our goal in support of Pastor Fritsche. Stan will match any donations up to our goal.

Merry Christmas,

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier

Show notes