Episode 27 – Milkshake Flavored Pop-Tarts, Customer Support, and Solo: A Star Wars Story

Dear Listener,

Stan did it. He purchased a box of Strawberry Milkshake flavored pop-tarts. Hear the take from his kids and his review. Does this count as a milkshake review or not?

Stan also repents of his disparaging of Apple with the Screen Time bug. He’s been working with Apple Support and has had an overall great experience. The problem isn’t solved yet, but things sound promising. Customer Support may not be completely dead in the Tech industry!

Netflix prices are going up again. Between that and canceling Marvel shows will Jon stick with them? Stan gives us an update on his watching.

Solo was released on Netflix – Jon finally watched it. The first Star Wars film that has come out since Jon has been born that he didn’t see in Theaters. We spend some time talking about what we liked and didn’t like in Solo and some other recent Star Wars movies.

To round it all out Stan gives Jon a hard time about Facebook and his superior trivia knowledge.

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Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier