Jon Lived Through a Derecho, whatever that is.

Iowa Twist of Lemon Bunker after tree fell on it.

Dear Listener,

After some quick followup on Aldi and their lack of maraschino cherries, we get into why we missed last week’s episode.

Eastern Iowa looks like a war zone. Cedar Rapids has lost at least 50% of its tree canopy. The Iowa Twist of Lemon bunker was hit by a tree after straight line winds that reached speeds equivalent to a Category 4 Hurricane. This resulted in Jon being without power for 151 hours. There are still over 20,000 people without power as of posting this episode a week and a half after the storm hit.

Listen in to hear Jon’s experience during the storm and the week after it hit and start working on his three helpful things to make it through natural disaster.

1.) Find a friend like Stan Lemon.
2.) Have a sizable emergency fund for the unexpected.
3.) Trust in the Lord who is continually more helpful than governments.

Recovery will be a long process both at the Iowa bunker and in Eastern Iowa. We’ll keep you updated as we repair and rebuild.

Finally Stan wants to talk about Fortnite and Apple and the App Store. Jon doesn’t know much about what is going on, but Stan has strong feelings.

Thanks for listening.

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Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier