Lawnmowing, email newsletters, and what we’re reading.

Dear Listener,

Jon turned 30! Hear about his 30th birthday and Stan feeling old. You can still give him the gift of a 5 star review on iTunes.

Sunday was also Mother’s Day. By request of Angie who works in the same building as Jon, we talk about what we did for our Mother’s on Sunday.

We have a new written review on iTunes! Danchez from Iowa gives a glowing review, complete with making fun of the hosts. Check it out and write your own! In the meantime we’re here for your enjoyment Danchez.

The adventures of a new home owner continues with Stan and Jon talking about Lawn care and Jon’s new lawn tools.

Do people still read email newsletters? Stan wants to know. We also reminisce about Google Reader.

That leads into the current book that Stan is reading: Team of Rivals. Stan highly recommends this book about Lincoln and the building of his cabinet.

Thanks for listening!

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier