Life Tips and Follow Ups​

Dear Listener,

We’re back in the recording studios after a couple weeks off with Stan traveling. We kick off the episode talking about the World Series.

Jon thinks our Marie Kondo episode changed his life. He started purging everything that hasn’t sparked joy. Social Media Followers, Books, clothes. Stan has started reading the book, he’s not overly impressed and probably won’t finish it.

Stan has a Life Tip in this episode. We find a theme song, and learn a good way to keep track of car maintenance. If you have a tried and true method, let us know.

That leads in to his recent road trip to visit occasional listener Aaron Fenker (of Meat Rubs by Fenker) who lives in Kansas.

We have a quick lightening round where we follow up on things that we’ve covered in past episodes. Stan’s MacBook, Jury Duty, Jon’s basement, screentime, milkshakes, resume.

Finally we have the final trailer for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker. We talk about that a little and Stan already has tickets.

Thanks for listening,

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier