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  • All Things Technology

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about all things Technology, from the ongoing gaming console adventures, to the new macOS, to super fast apple silicon numbers. Listen in, and if […]

  • Xcapism

    Dear Listener, Stan got an Xbox, Jon is still waiting for his. Stan has been flying around in a Tie Fighter in the meantime. Hopefully Jon will have his by […]

  • This is the Way

    Dear Listener, We’re going to have to adjust next week’s recording schedule so that Stan (and hopefully Jon) can get some good gaming in. Mandalorian Season 2 is now airing. […]

  • Stan’s Vacation to Nowhere

    Dear Listener, This week we recorded early because Stan was going on a vacation to nowhere to do nothing. But at least he’s taking some time off. Hopefully someone camped […]

  • Kohlmeier Updates

    Dear Listener, This week is full of updates about Jon’s life. We kick off the episode by actually saying who we are and asking you to share the episode if […]

  • Don’t Get Wing Sauce on your iPhone 12

    Dear Listener, This week Stan took a field trip to try out It’s Just Wings. Stan enjoys the wings with Joe, listener to the show. He starts off with smoked […]

  • The Lemon gets Political

    Dear Listener, This week Stan gives us an update on his shoe adventure. And get his initial reaction on Air Pod Pros. Aaron Fenker is picking up his meat rub […]

  • Meat Rubs by Fenker – Hamburger Edition

    Dear Listener, This week Stan wanted to record early so he wouldn’t miss the presidential debate. We have an update on lawn care in Indianapolis and in Cedar Rapids. Stan […]

  • iOS 14 Impressions

    Dear Listener, Turns out our friend Joe doesn’t like wings, but Aaron Fenker has shipped his hamburger seasoning to us! Stan blew his daughters mind by having the Donut Fairy […]

  • Episode 100

    Dear Listener, We celebrate our 100th episode today! We take a look back on 2 seasons of Life with a Twist of Lemon, It’s been a weird year for everyone […]