Some Rather Sour Grievances – Festivus 2018

1. Not having hit $1000 for Fritsche yet (Fix this. Yes – you. convenient link to donation page).
2. Netflix cancelled their Marvel shows, especially Daredevil.
3. Four star reviews on a five star scale.
4. Miracle whip.
5. BLTs with copious amounts of mayonnaise.
6. BLTs with undercooked bacon.
7. Those employed to be craftsman whose only craft is not being crafty (especially when their craft is milkshake making).
8. Straws not properly sized to the things which they deliver, like well crafted milkshakes.
9. Milkshakes not properly mixed (looking at you, Portillos).
10. Milkshakes with cheap chocolate syrup (looking at you, Arby’s).


*  Stan didn’t like my selfie because it didn’t look angry enough. I thought it was good enough to add here.