Stan doesn’t want you to buy books and Twitter doesn’t want you to buy Political Ads

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This week we have feedback from a listener who lives in Montana. she paints the picture of a beautiful state which gets us talking about the most beautiful places that we have visited. Ultimately Stan decides that places can be beautiful and still “nowhere.”

We make it through some other listener feedback from after the last episode.

This week’s life tip is to bring a washcloth with you when you travel. Stan gives us the reason why.

Today’s Mastering Minimalism tip is “Don’t buy books.” Jon and Stan have some words and different views on this.

Stan has been watching Apple TV+ since its release. He gives a brief review of what he’s seen.

Finally, we talk about Twitter’s recent policy change to not run political ads anymore. This is in contrast to how Facebook follows

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Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier

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