Tag: apple

  • Episode 12 – Where you’re sure to find something that interests you

    I'm not even really sure where to start for this episode. We cover a plethora of topics from tech to food, to reading non-fiction. You're sure to find something that interests you in this episode (even if it only is the soothing sound of The Lemon's voice) Maybe it will be easier if I just list some of the topics out.

  • Episode 11 – Meat Rubs, New Apple Toys, Investing 101

    In this episode, Stan Lemon reviews Meat Rubs by Fenker (or.. Meat, Rubbed, and Salutary - branding pending.) Stan gives a good review but the only way to get them are to be friends with Rev. Aaron Fenker. Stan got new Apple Gear, much of the world got new apple software, listen in for our discussion on that.

  • Episode 9 – Stan’s Portillo’s Experience

    This week we talk about Milkshakes! Stan's Portillo's milkshake to be exact. He had an interesting experience. He tells it better than I do.

  • Episode 2 – The 2018 MacBook Pro

    Stan and Jon take a look at their current Apple products (specifically Mac) and workflows, talk about their history using Apple products, and take a look at the recently release MacBook Pro as they look toward purchasing updates.