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  • Burdened with Glorious Podcast

    Dear Listener, We’re not sure if we’ll keep posting on Tuesdays, but I guess we’ll see. This week we’re realizing on Tuesday again so you can hear our first reactions […]

  • Jon hates Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Dear Listener, We have been covering Falcon and the Winter Soldier post credits for the last couple of weeks. After this last episode Stan decided we need to discuss it […]

  • Top 10 Non-Apple Tech Around the House

    Dear Listener, We had a hard time coming up with something interesting to talk about, so we took to the internets and asked what you listeners wanted to hear! We […]

  • Life with a Twist of Lime

    Dear Listener, This week we experiment with our first episode including advertisers. Listen in to hear about some of the products that we know and love like LemonCoin, The Milkshake […]

  • Raising the Roof?

    Dear Listener, We’re back to the familiar and comforting format. Shorter episode with just Stan and Jon talking about random things. We talk about the shingles in Jon’s driveway. Baseball […]

  • WandaCast: The Finale

    Dear Listener, This week we are joined by regular guest Patrick “Marvel Expert” Sturdivant. We take a look at the final episode of WandaVision and step back and talk about […]

  • Marvel-ing at Disney Announcements

    Dear Listener, This week we have a first in the history of the podcast. Three people recording from three different states. Last week’s Disney announcements at their virtual Investor Day […]

  • Movies During the Pandemic

    Dear Listener, This week we’re joined by a very special guest who shares the places to find the best donuts in Indianapolis and weighs in on favorite Marvel Characters. In […]

  • To Boldly Go…. to Season 2

    Dear Listener, Welcome to season 2 with a twist of Lemon. Stan starts off with a new season resolution to find Jon a new router. Will this be the year […]

  • One Year with a Twist of Lemon

    Dear Listener, Rejoice with us as we celebrate our first year of podcasting as Life with a Twist of Lemon! To kick it off Stan wants to talk about the […]