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  • Stan’s Favorite Brands

    Dear Listener, Today Jon is recording from the St. Louis area, we try to find out if there is a specific St. Louis cuisine and get an update on Stan’s […]

  • Shoes for An Unexpected Journey to Disney

    Dear Listener, Stan did not pay any attention to the Jeopardy! Greatest of all Time tournament, but Jon was very excited about it. We follow up on the ad blocker […]

  • Manhattans, Mac mini, and Jon’s new Router

    Dear Listener, We kick off the episode talking about Manhattans which turns into a Milkshake check-in. We review and comment on some listener comments. Angie left a comment with some […]

  • Goals for 2020

    Dear Listener, Happy 2020! We kick of this episode recapping what our 2019 goals/resolutions were. Stan went back to listen to what we talked about a year ago. Jon appears […]

  • The Episode Where We Spoil The Rise of Skywalker

    Dear listener, Stan is liking Jon’s new look – shaped beard, new glasses and all. Jon tells about his experience getting new glasses from Warby Parker. The rest of the […]

  • Merry Star Warsmas

    Dear Listener, Danchez liked our last episode! Nothing to complain about. On that note we jump into a topic that we’re sure he’ll have strong opinions on. Star Wars: The […]

  • Regenerized

    Dear Listener, We’re back after our first week off since we first started Life with a Twist of Lemon. Stan and Jon were hanging out, but not recording. You get […]

  • Thanksgiving 2019

    Dear Listener, Stan’s kids have been introduced to Boy Meets World. We have a practical life tip for everyone living in cooler climates. We spend the majority of this episode […]

  • Nashville and Disney+

    Dear Listener, Jon is back from Nashville, which prompted some follow up on roundabouts. Turns out they have a great patent idea too. Jon also talks about the food he […]

  • Danchez’s Misguided Mac & Cheese Opinions

    Listener Danchez sent Jon a couple of text messages today: I’m sure someone saw something like this coming.