Tag: technology

  • Episode 17 – Reformation, Voting, and Kanban Moving Boards

    Due to busy schedules, we recorded earlier than expected so no real time election followup. We're all ready for the advertisements and the discussions to end. Stan tells me why voting is a civic duty and makes a good case for me to go and vote.

  • Episode 6 – Atlanta and Alexa

    In Episode 6 of Life with a Twist of Lemon, Stan tells us about his trip to Atlanta for work. He has Jon salivating over some of the food he found and looking up plane tickets to head to Atlanta. All of that somehow leads into Jon's new Amazon Echo, the greatest trivia device ever... but at what cost?

  • Episode 2 – The 2018 MacBook Pro

    Stan and Jon take a look at their current Apple products (specifically Mac) and workflows, talk about their history using Apple products, and take a look at the recently release MacBook Pro as they look toward purchasing updates.