Top 10 Non-Apple Tech Around the House

Dear Listener,

We had a hard time coming up with something interesting to talk about, so we took to the internets and asked what you listeners wanted to hear! We had a great response and will be covering some of those topics in the coming weeks.

This week, Danchez suggested we talk about our top 10 favorite non-apple tech around the house. If you’ve listened even occasionally, on of the pillars of the podcast is Apple, but it’s not all that we use! So here are our top 10. Listen in to hear what we love about each of these products.

Number Nine.

Jon – Mechanical Keyboard

Stan – Xbox Series X

Number Eight.

Jon – TP Link Outdoor Smart Plug

Stan – TP-Link Router

Number Seven.

Jon – Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Stan – Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Number Six.

Jon – Xbox Series X

Stan – Sense Energy Monitor

Number Five.

Jon – TCL Roku TV

Stan – Ecobee

Number Three.

Jon – Roomba iRobot

Stan – Boom from Ultimate Ears

Number Two.

Jon – Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi System

Stan – Sonos One

Number One.

Jon – Ecobee

Stan – TCL Roku TV

Thanks for listening! Let us know if you have anything that you’d like us to talk about on the podcast.

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier