Whatever It Is

Dear Listener,

This week you get the episode that we recorded fo last week… so there’s some weird stuff with October and Oktoberfest. Don’t let it deter you, the episode is still awesome.

Someone asked Stan what our podcast was about… now we’re going through an existential crisis.

Jon has been tackling a home improvement project, he’s not sure what color to point the wall of the future Iowa Life with a Twist of Lemon Studio. He also did some electrical work recently. Stay tuned for updates in the future.

Jon also pretended to be an extrovert and attended the first Cedar Rapids Tech Crawl, where they visited different tech companies that have their homes in the NewBo district (where Jon works too).

Stan got summoned for Jury Duty – I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see if he gets put on a jury.

Stan has some computer woes and will likely be sending his laptop in for some repairs. Can we record only on an iPad? Will Stan survive? Only time will tell.

Finally we talk about the new Zac Brown Album – The Owl. We aren’t really fans. But we spend some time talking about why we aren’t fans.

Kind of all over the place this week, but we think it’s a good time. Thanks for sticking with us!

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier