You probably shouldn’t include Euchre on your resume

Dear Listener,

This week we finally talk Euchre! Turns out Stan doesn’t know how to play.

Jon’s boss is out of the office this week, so Jon’s in charge! That leads into us talking about opening our own e-commerce store complete with lemonade glasses. Stan doesn’t like the idea of a tornado shaped lemonade glass.

Jon went to Five Guys and did not have a great experience. The burger cooks didn’t value craftsmanship as much as we do here at Life with a Twist of Lemon.

Because our dear friend Crysten did not understand any of the Star Trek banter, this week we decide to talk about resumes.

Stan talks about some to dos and not dos for what to include on a resume. Where his resume has been and what the current format is.

This turns into one of those practical advice episodes that everyone likes so much. So stick through the early part of the episode to hear the Lemon drop some wisdom.

Thanks for listening,

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier