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  • The Lemon gets Political

    Dear Listener, This week Stan gives us an update on his shoe adventure. And get his initial reaction on Air Pod Pros. Aaron Fenker is picking up his meat rub […]

  • Picard

    Dear Listener, Stan had a rough week. He returned all of his shoes, his trusty robovac broke and he had a rough customer support experience. Mastering Minimalism this week we […]

  • Stan’s Favorite Brands

    Dear Listener, Today Jon is recording from the St. Louis area, we try to find out if there is a specific St. Louis cuisine and get an update on Stan’s […]

  • Shoes for An Unexpected Journey to Disney

    Dear Listener, Stan did not pay any attention to the Jeopardy! Greatest of all Time tournament, but Jon was very excited about it. We follow up on the ad blocker […]