• iOS 14 Impressions

    Dear Listener, Turns out our friend Joe doesn’t like wings, but Aaron Fenker has shipped his hamburger seasoning to us! Stan blew his daughters mind by having the Donut Fairy […]

  • Episode 100

    Dear Listener, We celebrate our 100th episode today! We take a look back on 2 seasons of Life with a Twist of Lemon, It’s been a weird year for everyone […]

  • iPad or MacBook for High School?

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about football surprisingly. As well as Stan gives Jon some flack for forgetting to edit last weeks episode. A brief update on Jon’s house […]

  • Stan Lemon, Inventor

    Dear Listener, This week Stan’s patents have been approved! We talk about what he actually invented and some of the process. We also revisit not posting episodes on Facebook, Jon’s […]

  • AirPods Pro Review and Summer Updates

    Dear Listener, Stan is still on the grid, the rumors have been greatly exaggerated. Jon tries to up listenership with a Milkshake review. Stan has been becoming a master wine […]

  • The Return of… WWDC Commentary

    Dear Listener, Well.. we’re back. If you couldn’t tell from the last episode, we ran out of things to talk about back in March. In this episode we return to […]

  • The Random Episode

    Dear Listener, Stan thinks we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for this episode. The first item on the list was current favorite song. There’s a new Black Widow trailer […]

  • Long Overdue Milkshake Reviews

    Dear Listener, Milkshakes return! Stan visited a gourmet Milkshake shop and Jon got a Shamrock shake. Stan gives Jon a hard time about not liking mint. From there we have […]

  • What exactly are the Iowa Caucuses?

    Dear Listener, Stan has a lot of questions for the LWATOL resident Iowan following the fallout this week from the Caucuses. Now’s your chance to get a nickel look into […]

  • Picard

    Dear Listener, Stan had a rough week. He returned all of his shoes, his trusty robovac broke and he had a rough customer support experience. Mastering Minimalism this week we […]