• Jon’s iPhone 13 and Shang-Chi

    Dear Listener, Stan kicks off this episode asking for an update on the iPhone after having it for 1 week. Then we jump into discussing Shang-Chi (Now that it hit […]

  • Pixar Movies Ranked

    Dear Listener, This week we’re getting back to normal by talking about pretty much whatever comes to our minds. We reflect on the events of last week, both on the […]

  • Marvel-ing at Disney Announcements

    Dear Listener, This week we have a first in the history of the podcast. Three people recording from three different states. Last week’s Disney announcements at their virtual Investor Day […]

  • This is the Way

    Dear Listener, We’re going to have to adjust next week’s recording schedule so that Stan (and hopefully Jon) can get some good gaming in. Mandalorian Season 2 is now airing. […]

  • The Greatest Trilogy of All Time

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about the Lemon family’s new gaming console the best trilogy of all time and several movies we watched over the past weeks. Please listen, […]

  • Lemilton – Our Review of Hamilton

    Dear Listener, This week we kick off the episode with some banter about iCloud Drive and Jon’s most recent self-reliance achievement. The bulk of the episode is our review of […]

  • Movies During the Pandemic

    Dear Listener, This week we’re joined by a very special guest who shares the places to find the best donuts in Indianapolis and weighs in on favorite Marvel Characters. In […]

  • Rise of the Resistance Resists the Lemon

    Dear Listener, Stan isn’t doing so hot, so we apologize for his coughing. He did survive his week in Disney World, but by Thursday his feet were the least of […]

  • Stan’s Going to Disney World

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about Stan’s upcoming trip to Disney world. Where’s he staying, what he’s doing, where he’s eating, and most importantly Galaxy’s Edge. We also get […]

  • Picard

    Dear Listener, Stan had a rough week. He returned all of his shoes, his trusty robovac broke and he had a rough customer support experience. Mastering Minimalism this week we […]