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  • Did we order new devices?

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about our decision making process and if we ordered any new Apple devices after last week’s Apple event. Listen in to here if and […]

  • California Streaming

    Dear Listener, This week we discuss everything from Apple’s September 2021 event, “California Streaming”. Listen in to hear Stan and Jon’s take on what Apple announced, including: Apple TV+ Updated […]

  • Food You Probably Shouldn’t Order

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about Jon’s birthday dinner last week including a milkshake review and kicks off our topic of regional foods you should probably only order in […]

  • Stan’s Christmas in September

    Dear Listener, Today we celebrate Stan’s Christmas in September. But first we get an update on Little League and what it has done for the Lemon household’s dinner. Stan got […]