Tag: baseball

  • Raising the Roof?

    Dear Listener, We’re back to the familiar and comforting format. Shorter episode with just Stan and Jon talking about random things. We talk about the shingles in Jon’s driveway. Baseball […]

  • Don’t Stop at Roundabouts

    Dear Listener, Thanks for tuning in again this week. We start off the episode talking about Kansas. Stan doesn’t back down from Kansas being “nowhere” as he shares his definition […]

  • October Sportsball Episode

    Dear Listener, We started recording to try to get ahead before Stan’s upcoming travels. Turns out the episode we recorded for next week was very time sensitive as we talk […]

  • Stan’s Christmas in September

    Dear Listener, Today we celebrate Stan’s Christmas in September. But first we get an update on Little League and what it has done for the Lemon household’s dinner. Stan got […]

  • The Impossible Episode

    Dear Listener, Happy 47th birthday to Jon’s father-in-law, Rev. Mark Buetow! Stan got notified about the Apple Card, he seems so excited about it that he thought Jon was too. […]

  • We’re Probably Watching Endgame Right Now

    Apparently, we don't have enough episode titles with Stan's name in them. This episode is to fix that fact, talk Apple event, and report our Avengers: Endgame ticket buying experience.