• M1 Pro MacBook Pros

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about our tasting of the Culvers Curderburger. (I think we both were rather unimpressed). Then we jump into discussing this week’s apple event. We […]

  • How Do You Eat a Taco?

    Dear Listener, In this episode, we talk about a bunch of stuff we didn’t have on the list of things to talk about. To kick it off, Stan wants to […]

  • Internet Interruptions

    Dear Listener, Are we getting closer to the fall of Facebook? Facebook was down for hours this week and they’ve been getting some really bad press recently. This leads us […]

  • Episode 150!

    Dear Listener, This is our 150th episode! We take a look back at how the podcast started, what we set out to accomplish, and some fun moments along the way. […]

  • Jon and Stan’s Excellent Adventure

    Dear Listener, Jon made another trip to Indianapolis for a couple of days with the primary objective of kegging the beer that was brewed over the 4th of July weekend. […]

  • ‘Cause you’re invited to a BBQ that’s starting at 4

    Dear Listener, Stan has dubbed this our “summertime episode”. We start off talking all things BBQ. Stan got a new smoker and Jon has been using his to smoke new […]

  • Reunited

    Dear Listener, In this episode we review Jon’s visit to Stan in Indianapolis. All core tenants of the podcast were observed: Meat, Milkshakes, Macs, and Mixology (And Marvel but we […]

  • Stay Hidrated

    Dear Listener, Jon is recording from Louisville and will be visiting Stan on the way back. We do some research into what constitutes “Kentucky food” and settle on bourbon. Stan […]

  • Listeners Speak Out: Fast Food Edition

    Dear Listener, Jon and Mrs. Kohlmeier are headed to visit LemonLand this week, tune in for more on those adventures. Most of this episode is spent sharing our listeners ranking […]

  • Fast Food Ranked

    Dear Listener, We check in on how Stan’s RV trip went as his first post-pandemic vacation. Sounds like it went well for the most part. Finally we kick off the […]