• Reunited

    Dear Listener, In this episode we review Jon’s visit to Stan in Indianapolis. All core tenants of the podcast were observed: Meat, Milkshakes, Macs, and Mixology (And Marvel but we […]

  • Stay Hidrated

    Dear Listener, Jon is recording from Louisville and will be visiting Stan on the way back. We do some research into what constitutes “Kentucky food” and settle on bourbon. Stan […]

  • Listeners Speak Out: Fast Food Edition

    Dear Listener, Jon and Mrs. Kohlmeier are headed to visit LemonLand this week, tune in for more on those adventures. Most of this episode is spent sharing our listeners ranking […]

  • Fast Food Ranked

    Dear Listener, We check in on how Stan’s RV trip went as his first post-pandemic vacation. Sounds like it went well for the most part. Finally we kick off the […]

  • Food You Probably Shouldn’t Order

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about Jon’s birthday dinner last week including a milkshake review and kicks off our topic of regional foods you should probably only order in […]

  • Grab Some Fun Dip and Listen In

    Dear Listener, We kick off the episode talking about Fun Dip and flashing back to Valentine’s Day (perks of being the spouse of an elementary school teacher). Jon gives his […]

  • Thankful for Milkshakes and Xbox Arrivals

    Dear Listener, Jon brings some normalcy back to 2020 with a milkshake tasting! Then we talk about customer support, and Jon’s Xbox Saga. Stan has uncovered some bugs in Big […]

  • Kohlmeier Updates

    Dear Listener, This week is full of updates about Jon’s life. We kick off the episode by actually saying who we are and asking you to share the episode if […]

  • Meat Rubs by Fenker – Hamburger Edition

    Dear Listener, This week Stan wanted to record early so he wouldn’t miss the presidential debate. We have an update on lawn care in Indianapolis and in Cedar Rapids. Stan […]

  • Episode 100

    Dear Listener, We celebrate our 100th episode today! We take a look back on 2 seasons of Life with a Twist of Lemon, It’s been a weird year for everyone […]