Tag: Christmas

  • Top 10 Songs

    Dear Listener, Merry Christmas! This week we talk about Christmas plans and cover a listener submitted topic: Our Top 10 Songs (Subjectively, like you’d listen to these 10 songs before […]

  • Roof Update and Christmas Plans

    Dear Listener, Merry Christmas! This week we reflect on a 2 hour episode. And get an update on Stan’s Steelers. Apparently people ask Stan about how Jon’s roof is doing. […]

  • End of Year Music and Shipping

    Dear Listener, This week we cover Spotify unwrapped for podcasts. Some listeners let us know where they listen, so we cover some of those places. We cover Christmas shopping and […]

  • Merry Star Warsmas

    Dear Listener, Danchez liked our last episode! Nothing to complain about. On that note we jump into a topic that we’re sure he’ll have strong opinions on. Star Wars: The […]

  • Episode 23 – Our First Pre-Christmas Episode

    We are just days away from Christmas, Stan and Jon kick off the episode talking about Christmas leading into a special Christmas themed milkshake segment - "Egg nog - milkshake? Distant cousin of the milkshake?"