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  • Derecho Anniversary

    Dear Listener, This week we remember the devastating derecho that swept through Iowa last year on August 10. Jon gives an update on where repairs are at and some next […]

  • Reunited

    Dear Listener, In this episode we review Jon’s visit to Stan in Indianapolis. All core tenants of the podcast were observed: Meat, Milkshakes, Macs, and Mixology (And Marvel but we […]

  • Stay Hidrated

    Dear Listener, Jon is recording from Louisville and will be visiting Stan on the way back. We do some research into what constitutes “Kentucky food” and settle on bourbon. Stan […]

  • Listeners Speak Out: Fast Food Edition

    Dear Listener, Jon and Mrs. Kohlmeier are headed to visit LemonLand this week, tune in for more on those adventures. Most of this episode is spent sharing our listeners ranking […]

  • Fast Food Ranked

    Dear Listener, We check in on how Stan’s RV trip went as his first post-pandemic vacation. Sounds like it went well for the most part. Finally we kick off the […]

  • Stan’s Vacation to Nowhere

    Dear Listener, This week we recorded early because Stan was going on a vacation to nowhere to do nothing. But at least he’s taking some time off. Hopefully someone camped […]

  • Rise of the Resistance Resists the Lemon

    Dear Listener, Stan isn’t doing so hot, so we apologize for his coughing. He did survive his week in Disney World, but by Thursday his feet were the least of […]

  • Stan’s Going to Disney World

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about Stan’s upcoming trip to Disney world. Where’s he staying, what he’s doing, where he’s eating, and most importantly Galaxy’s Edge. We also get […]

  • Back from Vacation and Talking Tech

    Dear Listener, This week we talk about Stan’s Vacation to Traverse City. He seems to have a restful time and even has a review of a milkshake IPA. We’re wondering […]

  • Episode 4 – Stan’s back from Disney World!

    This week Stan & Jon give their opinion on the New Backstreet Boys song, talk Stan's new Beats headphones, and his family's trip to Disney World, hear about Stan's favorite rides, food, and what he plans to do differently for next time.