A Philosophical​ Debate regarding Grilled Cheese

Dear Listener,

This week we talk about movie theaters, and follow up on the remainder of Stan’s Iowa trip.

First up, we have a philosophical debate on melts vs. Grilled Cheese. We stopped at City Melt for lunch one day. They have delicious sandwhiches no matter what you call them. We had the piggy and the Buffalo chicken… Stan just has a problem calling them grilled cheese.

Next up we have some sad news. We stopped at the Hamburg Inn No. 2. The milkshake that wasn’t that helped to kick off one of our key tenants being Milkshakes. We made it there when Stan was in town. Overall the report doesn’t live up to the hype.

Is this the end of milkshake reviews?

Only time will tell.

Finally the recap some other things from Stan’s trip including home improvement, and cocktails.

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier