Episode 25 – The Budget Episode

Dear Listener,

We’re back from holiday celebrations and ready to tackle the new year.

Over the holiday, Jon got the comment “The purple thing is weird.” in regards to our logo color / sticker color. The color is not purple! It’s very specifically lilac. Stan reveals the lilac story in this episode.

Stan thought the best way to start off the new year was with a budget episode. Jon and Stan talk through their normal monthly budget process and how they keep track of expenses.

We dive into, how we handle income and allocate it, the tools we use to keep track of where we’re at at any given time in the month and how we handle checks that we’ve written.

To wrap up the conversation we provide some tips on getting started with budgeting.

Listen in and feel free to send us questions.

Happy New Year!

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier