One Year with a Twist of Lemon

Dear Listener,

Rejoice with us as we celebrate our first year of podcasting as Life with a Twist of Lemon!

To kick it off Stan wants to talk about the Marvel Phase 4 announcements. Don’t let that stop you from making it through to the reminiscing on the last year. (Skip to 11 minutes if you’re so inclined).

We talk about how the podcast came to be, some of our favorite parts of the last year, and some of our listeners favorite parts!

Milkshakes, Marvel, Jon buying a house, the great Grilled Cheese controversy, and other random things that stood out.

Thanks for wasting spending the last year with us. If you feel so inclined please leave a five-star review on iTunes.

Stay Sour, friends,

Stan Lemon & Jon Kohlmeier